I'm a traditional artist who also embraces digital technology to create illustrations. Currently I am the Chair of the Art Department at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento, California where I teach Figure Drawing, Painting and Digital Painting classes. On the side, I do freelance illustration work for various projects. I'm always looking for new opportunities to illustrate so contact me below if you have a serious project that needs an illustration - especially in comics, fantasy or sci-fi novels, or RPG projects.

About 7 years ago I began exploring digital painting more seriously as a way to make art and discovered Corel Painter, a really unique digital painting software. As versions of Painter have evolved, I've continued to learn and explore the unique features it has to offer. I also paint in Photoshop at times and go back and forth between both softwares.

Last year I was honored by having a process breakdown of my illustration "Confrontation" (seen here) featured in Painter 2016's Welcome Book - the welcome screen that greets a user during launch of the software.

Most recently an illustration of mine "The Attack" (seen here) is being featured inside the newest version of Painter - Painter 2017 - inside the "Hints" panel to demonstrate the new "Glazing" brushes.

Currently I'm painting with Painter 2017, Photoshop CS6 and I use a Wacom Cintiq 24HD with a Logitech G13 Gamepad.


I can be reached at: kimblej@crc.losrios.edu